The Office of the Lagos State Deputy Governor is constitutionally recognized to carry out State responsibilities as may be assigned by the Governor of the State. The current Deputy Governor of Lagos State, apart from being the head of her office and carrying out assignments for the Governor, is assigned the responsibility of supervising both the Office of Civic Engagement and the Ministry of Education.


1. Chairman, Lagos State Boundary Committee (handling all boundary disputes and development of border regions)

2. Deputizing for the Governor on all State matters as may be delegated.

3. Vice Chairman of the State Executive Council.

4. Vice Chairman of the State Security Council.

5. Coordination of Local Government Chieftaincy Committees

6. Overseeing of Ministerial Portfolio as may be assigned by the Governor

7. Supervision and coordination of the Ministry of Education and Office of Civic Engagement.

8. Any other duty as may be assigned by the Governor.