Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat has charged all Nigerians to get involved in the political process in the country in order to have a great nation.

The Deputy Governor gave the advice today at the commissioning of an Ultra-Modern Mosque of the NADWAT Global Assembly at Igbosere, Lagos Island, noting that Nigerians should partake in governance and desists from being people that complain about their leaders instead of getting involved in the election process. 

According to Hamzat, “We cannot be the people that just complain about our country, what are we doing in our little rooms? What roles are we playing? It is not just right for us as a people to keep complaining. What are we bringing to enhance prosperity and good governance in our country”? He queried.

Speaking further, Dr. Hamzat added that Nigerians need to change their ways of thinking and need to understand that everything is done by Almighty Allah, adding that they should stop faulting God, but live their lives, do their best and leave the rest to God.

“Nigerians need to stop saying that politics is a dirty game. If clean people do not participate, it will continue to be dirty, and it will be left to those that have been doing it. So we need to be part of governance”, he said. 

The Deputy Governor, however, urged the Muslim faithful to vote for leaders with antecedents of successful track records and knowledge of governance, noting that Nigerians should vote for a President that listens to the citizens and possesses the right skills to rule the country.

Emphasising the importance of peaceful co-existence, Dr. Hamzat urged everyone to live peacefully with one another and that one cannot practice religion when there is famine or war, stressing that some of the countries that are at war, such as Somalia and Yemen that are predominantly Islamic countries, could not meet Haji quotas allotted to them because of the strife.

In his sermon, the Guest Speaker, Sheikh (Dr.) Muyideen Ajani Bello urged everyone to strive to practice equality at home, amongst their children, in workspaces and everywhere they find themselves.

He implored everyone to be their brothers’ keepers as it is necessary to pray for one another and not oppress one’s neighbour, adding that everyone will give an account of their deeds.

Bello also urged parents to ensure that the fear of Allah is instilled in their children and cautioned educated elites, who have forgotten God because of the western education they acquired.

The Sheikh tasked parents to train their children and never forget the importance of a child’s care and upbringing, adding that children should be trained in both western and Islamic education to be responsible to themselves and to the nation at large. 

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